What color are blondes pubic hair

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Why doesn't the rug match the drapes? First off, I'm excluding people who have their hair colored. I know why their hair doesn't match. I've known women who had dirty blond hair and had black pubic hair. Others I've spoken to have shared the same thing.

What Color Is Pubic Hair For Blondes

Does a blonde person have blonde pubic hair? - Answers

You are way off. Some redheads have plantinum blonde crotches and ash blondes have black hair down there. Only true plantinum blondes and redheaded who really do have blonde down there. Some brunettes that have red fiery crotches and some blondes with brown bull color down there. You always go by the eye bra and not what is on top of the head or fake or dyed. Ash blondes are closer to a auburn or brunette where a starawberry blonde redhead is lighter than a golden blonde and closer to a plantinum blonde and that redhead is plantinum blonde down there. I know a redhead that had redhair on top of her hair with plantinum eye bras and plantinum blonde pubic hair.

Do blondes have blonde pubic hairs?

Asked by Wiki User. I know this is true because I myself am a true blond, and all the above-statements are very true in my case. It's the same concept as a brown-haired person having all-brown body hair, just blond instead of brown.
Let the kool aid mixture sit on your pubic hair for 15 30 minutes. With blonde or dirty blonde hair youll usually get black pubic hair but pubic hair is generally a dark color. What color is pubic hair for blondes.