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Welcome to High School Wrestling Info. On this site you can find links to many high school wrestling teams, and other points of interest for high school wrestlers. Click on a state to the left to see what sites we have for that state. We are always looking to add more links to our listings, so please send us your links. If you know of a wrestling site that should be added to our list please click here to fill out our contact form. Includes complete results for previous seasons, tournaments records, and more.

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Links to popular wrestling websites.

Amateur wrestling is a variant of wrestling practiced in collegiate, school, or other amateur level competitions. There are two international wrestling styles performed in the Olympic Games : freestyle and Greco-Roman. A similar style, commonly called collegiate also known as scholastic or folkstyle , is practiced in colleges and universities, secondary schools, middle schools, and among younger age groups in the United States. Where the style is not specified, this article refers to the international styles of competition on a mat.

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Is all non-choreographed athletic wrestling considered "amateur wrestling"? Because that's the attitude that this article conveys. I find it odd that professional athletes who compete in Olympic wrestling would still be considered "amateur" wrestlers I usually think of stuff like mud wrestling as amateur wrestling. I know that the term " pro wrestling " has been appropriated by choreographed wrestling-entertainment, but is there no distinction in the athletic wrestling community between amateurs and professionals like in nearly all other sports?
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