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MARYLAND, US - Asian oysters will not be allowed in the Chesapeake Bay, state and federal officials announced yesterday, seemingly ending a five-year flirtation with the idea that a Chinese bivalve could resurrect one of America's most famous shellfish grounds. The decision, made by Maryland, Virginia and the U. Army Corps of Engineers, means that the species Crassostrea ariakensis should disappear from the Chesapeake, said David A. Fahrenthold, a Washington Post Staff Writer. About a million of the Asian oysters are in the water at experimental shellfish "farms" in Virginia, but those will come out in the next month, officials said.

Officials Rule Against Introducing Asian Oysters into Bay

Chesapeake's Asian Oyster Plans Come to an End | The Fish Site

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. Are nonnative oysters a potential solution or problem? This simplistic question frames the extremes of opinion over a complex and controversial issue that has embroiled the Chesapeake Bay region ever since the state of Virginia proposed introducing a nonnative oyster from Asia to revive the oyster industry.

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Officials with Maryland, Virginia, have decided against introducing Asian oysters as a way to restore the Bay's degraded oyster population. Officials with Maryland, Virginia, the U. Based on the current state of the science and extensive public discourse, the use of non-native oysters in Chesapeake Bay, its tidal tributaries, and the coastal bays and waters of Maryland and Virginia poses unacceptable ecological risks. Therefore, it is prudent for the U. In selecting the native oyster alternative, the Corps, together with the cooperating federal agencies, the State of Maryland, the Commonwealth of Virginia and PRFC will remain fully committed to using only the native oyster to work towards revitalizing oyster restoration and aquaculture in meeting commercial and ecological goals.
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