Black and white vagina photography

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Nydia Blas is an artist and community leader whose pictures capture a striking and deeply intimate perspective of black female adolescence. A s executive director of the Southside Community Center in Ithaca, New York , Blas works closely with teenage girls to help establish a safe space where they are celebrated and empowered to thrive within a predominantly white environment. Her series The Girls Who Spun Gold is both a collaboration and an ode to the young women she works with. Each picture explicitly confronts the stereotypes perpetuated by decades of racist propaganda in an effort to reclaim identity, and, like the Southside Community Center, create a safe space in which young black women can see themselves.

Vagina Dentata – Feminist Photo series

13 Powerful Pictures Captured Through A "Black Feminine Lens"

It was self-published in March in Melbourne , Australia. The book contains close-up nude photos shot in a non- provocative way, along with an accompanying story or message written by each woman about her vagina. The book's photos and stories were exhibited five times in Australia in , with a US and Canadian tour in taking place in six locations. Singer-songwriter Toni Childs , who wrote the foreword, made contact with Werner after he initiated a peace march in honour of murdered Australian Broadcasting Corporation employee Jill Meagher in his Brunswick, Victoria , neighbourhood. Speaking to The Sydney Morning Herald about the book, Werner commented that: "I hope it finds its way to a few young women and girls So they see that [these pictures are] normal rather than pictures in magazines. The tour included Los Angeles [12] and Laguna Beach.


This series presents women who are inspiring, I intend to capture their dynamic energy and shed light onto the indomitable strength that they all encompass for their own unique reasons. Rather than focusing on a singular aspect of femininity, which tends to be politically airbrushed, this series is executed from a Feminist perspective and deconstructs the male gaze by expanding the confines of gender. I have started having long conversations right before the shoot which are recorded and in other cases — I ask the questions after.
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