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My main focus is high, heroic and historic fantasy and all books listed here are of this genre unless stated otherwise; all titles redirect to Goodreads page. Chronicles of Tornor , Elizabeth A. Lythande , Marion Zimmer Bradley. Elemental Logic series , Laurie J. Seraphina series , Rachel Hartman. Banshee's Honor , Shaylynn Rose.

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Black men deserve dignified media representation. No more coonin', no more taking a back seat to the white man, no more fictional prison scripts, no more abusing our Black women, no more losing our women to non-Black men. Maybe some okapi. Spent about an hour searching through horse galloping references for an interesting snapshot, and somehow ended up with this pfff. Just some of the fun shots of sourcedumal and I taken by shiningnini at GV Ren! The vibrant African jungle decorated with vines draped across overgrown trees like Christmas lights on a house, and the soothing melody of a powerful waterfall in the distance engulfed an exhausted Jhene as she did her best to follow behind her adventurous best friend Zaire up a steep mountain.

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