Fix crooked dick

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Is it a curved penis or is it Peyronies Disease? It could be both. A mildly curving erection is normal. Yes, more than half of us. A curved penis caused by autoimmune disease and medications are not that common.

Is it normal to have a curved penis?

Treating Peyronie's disease - XIAFLEX®

Having a severely crooked penis can cause severe psychological, physical, and sexual problems. So, knowing how to fix a curved penis can seriously increase your life quality. It is perfectly normal to be born with a slightly curved penis. Most men are like you as well. Usually, the curvature shows only when the penis erect.

Bent Penis FAQs

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Bent penis also known as peyronies disease is a disorder that causes pain and penile curvature during erection. Some men are born with curve penis which is a normal condition and is not associated with peyronies disease. Peyronies disease do not cause penis to bend when flaccid but only during erection. Most men with bent penis are able to achieve erection and engage in sexual intercourse. However, peyronies disease can cause painful erection and painful intercourse.