Lesb in shower

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I happen to believe that all shower sex is pretty awkward, but some shower sex blows other shower sex experiences out of the water. We were getting ready early that morning and decided to shower together for the first time. I decided to go down on her, and after a few seconds, my girlfriend started to faint. As in, she had to lie down on the shower floor for a while. The best part was later on, when she mentioned to her mother that she almost fainted in the shower, her mother asked if she had eaten this morning. I answered for her, saying, 'No, but I did.

Lesbian Love that ends with a shower of pee in the garden

Lesbian Love that ends with a shower of pee in the garden | EroMe

In so many ways, it seems like lesbian shower sex is supposed to be better than straight shower sex. You start off in limbo, waiting forever for the water to warm up. If you try a position where one or both of you is on the shower floor, you risk lying in a vile slush and coming face-to-face with the reality of whenever you last cleaned. If you try a standing position, everything might feel hopelessly slippery — except for your vagina if you have one, because water washes natural and water-based lube away, making microtears and irritation and burning sand and burning rain more likely. So how do you take your lesbian shower sex from Inferno to Paradiso? Double your shower head. If it seems like only one partner can get under the stream of water at a time, try a double shower head.

8 Lesbians Reveal Their Most Awkward Shower Sex Moments

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