Lil wayne fuck da other side lyrics

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I'm on my way nigga Fuck the otha side That side ain't shit Niggas can't fuck with me. Verse 1: Yeah and I can't even lie You can tell by my red ass eyes that I'm high I'm doin' sign language, Screamin fuck the other side Flawgin' ass niggas ain't nuttin but some liars We beat niggas have bitches like god Them boys in that all black wild Mouths get wide An bitches get dumb And bodies gettin lef in the middle a da club And yeah we love dro More den any otha hoe Guns standin from the ceilin to the mothafuckin flo' An we get it an we go it's like we get it from da sto' Leave it in the weight house with a dickey full a blow My Nigga. Verse 2: Now everybody like why you do it like that Why the hell every day you be in that all black Fresh Pair of J's and you kno they all black Still posted in the hood with my dawgs countin stacks This Shit ain't nothin new, they know how I do it homes Seven tre 73 Big body sittin on chrome Hood On Swole, Everybody on lean I'm Smokin on Dro with a Hoodrat Bitch Goons on the line and they ain't got shit But we good over here, tell em get like this Standin in the trap with my lil' young jits Gettin off sacks, what you know about this Bout This. Verse 3: Yo you don't really want it, cause you can really get it You can catch me in that dickie or that fitted I ain't worried bout a busta, I Ain't worried bout a hoe If a nigga try me than I'm gonna kill that mothafucka Fuck the other side, I ain't gotta say it twice All I do is say it once and my niggas on point And Then you see them black flags, turn into them black masks Niggas pullin' choppas out, like they off in baghdad put em in a black bag go and get ya check cashed if ya yell at anybody ya might get ya neck slashed now there's a special I hold my mack yeah yo there's a special way I fold my cash. Kraken Link to us Contact About Faq. Services Search Browse Submit.

The Other Side

Paroles The Other Side de Lil Wayne.

Chevy with the big block engine Rims and paint cost me a whole pension. The game needs us Gudda Gudda, what it is nigga? Kid-Kid Chi, get it how you live nigga My nigga Mack Maine just left the dealership And Weezy just ripped the drop Phantom so they feelin' sick Diamond rings, diamond chains Royal suites, private planes Palm trees, big change I can't complain I made a promise to myself That I'll never be a have-not Nigga fuck bein' broke Shit Before that day come I'll A. Young Moula. Lo Man, I remember when these bitches was just hey hoe Hey hoe, how you doing? Kill, kill, murder And Benjamin Franklin Your girlfriend is into them gangstas And me bein' a gangsta I get into your girlfriend I stay still when the world spins And ain't nobody flyer than the Birdman You heard me?

DJ Khaled - F*** The Other Side Lyrics

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