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The coal mines that make us a hard but honest living, just like our grandpappies and their grandpappies before them. The curiously blissful afterglow of shock and shame you get when you wake up next to your cousin after a night of drinking moonshine. Yes, we love West Virginia just as much as the next snarky magazine editors, but for some reason a lot of folks prefer Hawaii.
They are claims which are privately accepted by many Nato officers, but Pakistan is rarely condemned in public because it is officially an ally of the West in the war against terror. Hamid Karzai, the president of Afghanistan, tried to rally support last week for Nato attacks on Taliban based in Pakistan, asking why they had not attacked guerrilla sanctuaries on Pakistani soil. Enmity between Kabul and Islamabad over a disputed border goes back decades, and no Afghans hate Pakistan more than Helmandis. Hajji Abdul Wahab, 48, the gnarled police chief in charge of the fortress, said: "The Taliban leader here is a man called Pahlawan, he is from the Pakistani Punjab. He is out there somewhere beyond the trees, probably planning bomb attacks as we speak.