Mcd never ending well of piss

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I think it's a good idea. It keeps the bums from going in for nothing and making a mess. Places in Poland where you can just go in and use a free clean toilet: -shopping centres -McDonald's -pubs and restaurants -public libraries, culture centres, university buildings etc. In a city you can always find a free toilet if you know where to look for it. Places in Poland where you can just go in and use a free clean toilet.

What You Need To Know About Your Food Cravings

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People always say things to me like, "If I just didn't have cravings for fill in the blank with sugar-filled, or carb-laden thing here , I'd be the skinniest person alive! I'm going to offer you a new piece of advice about your cravings that you have probably never been told before. Cravings are actually a good thing! Cravings are a quiet, subtle message from your body telling you that something is out of balance. Cravings are there to serve you, not to piss you off or convince you to eat junk all day.

Ronald McDonald

That lot will be in Square now, ennet. I tug on his leash. He ups his back leg to piss, sniffing and scratching and tongue out, blah. I shuck my hands in my pockets and wait.
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