Penetration of 12 gauge rifled slug

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In the 12 Gauge Buckshot Range Report that I did earlier this month, I described the purpose of why one might shoot slugs out of a defensive scattergun:. A good way to think about a rifled slug is like an improved version of a Revolutionary War-era musket ball. Rifled slugs generally exhibit deep penetration with very little deformation. For that reason, buckshot will be the go-to load for most home-defense situations. So what does this look like in practice?

Shotgun Slugs Ballistics

Shotgun slug - Wikipedia

A shotgun slug is a single projectile primarily designed to be fired from a smooth-bored shotgun. Shotgun slug ammunition is available in most of the common shotgun calibres. The simplest form of slug is a round ball sometimes referred to in the United States as a pumpkin ball or pumpkin shot. Since it is a symmetrical projectile, it will not significantly deviate from its intended path if it begins to spin due to air pressure.

12 Gauge Slug Range Report

A modern shotgun slug is a heavy projectile made of lead , copper, or other material and fired from a shotgun. Slugs are designed for hunting large game , self-defense, and other uses. The first effective modern shotgun slug was introduced by Wilhelm Brenneke in , and his design remains in use today.
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