Support group for wife of gay husband

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A listing of some of the online support groups that provide support to those whose lives are touched by Mixed Orientation Relationships. This group has been created for those who are in mixed orientation marriages. Straight spouses who are married to gays or bisexuals and also the married gays and bisexuals themselves. The requirements for joining are: 1. The couple is interested in and working on maintaining their relationship. Since the list is for couples, both partners must join.

How to Find Support


Posted by Straight Spouse on Oct 10, You can make a difference for straight spouses while you shop on Amazon. Simply shop at smile. Posted by Straight Spouse on Jul 4, Who can you talk to? Discussing it with someone who has been through the same experience is one of the most important things you can do. When you find us, we reach out to you right away.

Mixed-Orientation Marriage Support Groups and Forums

By Edith Honan. As gays and lesbians win greater acceptance, an untold number of marriages have unraveled as once-closeted men and women have come out as gay or lesbian to their spouses and families. While much attention has been paid to the bravery involved in coming out, the ex-spouses say the difficulty of their own isolating passage goes unacknowledged.
At this time there were no other support groups for straight spouses in Australia, leaving people in this situation feeling alone, abnormal and isolated. Michael and Hannah both have experienced this difficult situation and have been providing support for other straight spouses in Australia and New Zealand. They have also been trying to educate the public about the impact of a homosexual spouse coming out to their partner and children.